Saturday, November 21, 2009

Promising new Open Access journals

This is a (far from complete) list of recently launched or about to launch peer-reviewed publications in the fields orbiting evolutionary genetics. To the best of my knowledge they are all Open Access [many of them are not, see update], with the exception of Nature Communications which only has an OA option.
This information is a mashup of posts from the blogs Open Access News, formerly written by Peter Suber and now continued by Gavin Baker, and The Tree of Life, maintained by Jonathan A. Eisen.

Update [2009.11.22] Jonathan Eisen pointed out that these publications may have distinct interpretations for "open access". I should have known better since he discusses this when talking about mBio...

Update [2011.07.07] I went through these again and marked all that are not Open Access, following a recent comment by J. Eisen, to which I fully subscribe.


  1. I note - it seems like not all of these have the same openness policies --- so at some point it would be good to review what they mean by OA.

  2. Under Open Access philosophy, Redalyc aims to contribute to the editorial scientific activity produced in and about Ibero-America making available for public consultation the contents of 550 scientific journals of different knowledge areas:


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