Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Communication package between R and Mesquite

Information just received from the R-sig-phylo mailing list:
We'd like to announce the beta release of packages for communication between Mesquite and R. Mesquite is a graphical application for phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis; R is a system for statistical computation primarily oriented around text-based programming. We have enabled communication in both directions:
Only a handful of functions have been enabled in each direction; we seek your input as to what functions would be of most interest to R users and Mesquite users.

You may consider this as an experimental release for thrill-seekers. Please tell us if something doesn't seem to work or is confusing -- feedback is much appreciated. We hope to continue to strengthen the links between R and Mesquite.

Wayne Maddison, UBC
Hilmar Lapp, NESCent

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