Friday, April 9, 2010


With all the buzz about these fancy new cell phones, I started missing my PDA. Actually I still have it here with me, a Sharp Zaurus that I bought in Japan around 2004 to use as a dictionary - this company was famous for having a good kanji recognition software. It also happens to run linux, I even got R to run on it (iPhone lovers don't need to envy me anymore). Since the software is a little bit outdated, I thought about upgrading the system, maybe to Debian - despite I would loose the nice "stroke recognition" app that is able to decipher the kanji you want to write in just a few touches.

But after seeing the lack of development for it (even the official ROM was last updated in 2005), I guess I'll just leave it as it is. I still can play with the tablet and listen to mp3 (although it doesn't seem to recognize newer SD cards...). Other places that may have relevant info on the Zaurus upgrade are here, here and here.

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