Friday, April 2, 2010

God and Darwin in the Land of the Sun

For 59% of the Brazilians, humans are the result of millions of years of evolution, but guided by a supreme being, according to a Datafolha survey. On the other hand, 25% of the participants believe that the human being was created by god less than 10 thousand years ago and another 8% think that evolution takes place without god's intervention. The proportion of creationists was higher among lower income and less educated people. The dataset was composed of 4158 people older than 16 years old. I cannot provide more details now since 1) the full newspaper article is behind a paywall and 2) these surveys tend to be poorly designed, with ambiguous terms (e.g. in the free version of the article they mention the terms "Darwinists" and "creationists" along with the descriptions...) so that I should look at the details before commenting.

My impression is that this theistic evolution view of Brazilians reflects the catholicism to which many people loosely identify with - those self-proclaimed "non-practicing" catholics. The creationists are more frequent among the protestant churches, like the conservationist Marina Silva who is now a candidate for presidency. She has strong ties with religious movements and when questioned about her defense of the teaching of creationism backpedalled using the "let the children decide" argument.

Paraphrasing the great journalist Josias de Souza, Brazilians believe more in president Lula (76%) than in the evolution of the species.

PS: The post title is a reference to the cult Brazilian movie Black God, White Devil.
PPS: most links are in portuguese...

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