Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High Performance Computing conferences in Galicia - May 2010

Next week there will be two meetings here in Galicia on HPC (that I am aware of, at least). The first is Tuesday, on Santiago the Compostela:
Título: Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed
Ponente: Dejan Miljicic, Senior Researcher at HP and Managing Director OPEN CIRRUS
Data: 18 de Maio do 2010
Hora: 11:30h.
Lugar: Sala de Presentaciones do CESGA (Avda. de Vigo s/n)

There are a number of important and useful testbeds, such as PlanetLab, EmuLab, IBM/Google cluster, and Amazon EC2/S3, that enable researchers to study different aspects of distributed computing. However, no single testbed supports research spanning systems, applications, services, open-source development, and datacenters. Towards this end, we have developed Open Cirrus, a cloud computing testbed for the research community that federates heterogeneous distributed data centers. Open Cirrus offers a cloud stack consisting of physical and virtual machines, and global services, such as sign-on, monitoring, storage, and job submission. By developing the testbed and making it available to the research community, we hope to help spur innovation in cloud computing and catalyze the  development of an open source stack for the cloud. In addition to presenting Open Cirrus, this talk will also include a number of important research effort currently undergoing in Open Cirrus, such as Cloud Sustainability Dashboard, OpenNet, ExaScale Data Center, Mercado (Cloud Services market Places), Federation of Open Cirrus and Planet Lab/GENI, etc.
And the second is the Workshop of the Galician Network of HPC, here in Vigo, on Friday:

Aplicaciones de la Supercomputación


Fecha: 21 de Mayo de 2010
Lugar: Salón de Actos del Edificio de Ciencias Experimentales, Campus Universitario, Universidad de Vigo, Vigo


09:50 Apertura y presentación del WorkShop e invitados

10:00 Iain S. Duff - STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, UK and CERFACS, Toulouse, France
Título: The solution of really large linear systems arising from discretizations of three-dimensional problems

10:45 Alexandros Stamatakis - Technische Universität München, Germany
Título: Orchestrating Phylogenetic Likelihood Computations on Parallel Architectures

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00 Andrew Gettelman - National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, USA
Título: Simulating Earth's Climate and Chemistry with the Earth's Biggest Computers

12:45 Clausura del WorkShop

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