Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can you watch a movie better than your neighbor?

I received (via twitter) this comparison charts between ISP providers, based on HD streaming from Netflix. My provider offers a "speedometer" test, but I don't know of an initiative similar to Netflix here in Spain. What I do know is that YouTube also has a speed comparison based on our streaming history.

This is my current result, from YouTube:

My YouTube video speed for Jan 2011.
"Vigo" is the city, "po" is the district of Pontevedra and "esp" is Spain.

And the same test, from one year ago:

My YouTube video speed for Jan 2010.

For completeness, here are the results from my ISP's test (the most recent):

My R speedometer results from Jan 2011. (R is the ISP provider, not the statistical environment).

(It goes without saying that I'm not trying to make any deep statistical analysis here, I'm just playing with the tools...)

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