Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nanatsu no Taizai -- Seven Deadly Sins

For some reason [1] I had this random note with the translations for the seven deadly sins, from the japanese wikipedia. As a reminder that this blog don't need to be so serious, let me share with you this useless piece of information (it also has the spanish and latin terms).
大罪 たいざい スペイン語 ラテン語 英語
傲慢 ごうまん Soberbia Superbia Pride
嫉妬 しっと Envidia Invidia Envy
憤怒 ふんぬ Ira Ira Wrath
怠惰 たいだ Pereza Acedia Sloth
強欲 ごうよく Avaricia Avaritia Greed
暴食 ぼうしょく Gula Gula Gluttony
色欲 しきよく Lujuria Luxuria Lust

I forgot to include the romanized reading in the table, they are respectively: gouman, shitto, fun-nu, taida, gouyoku, boushoku, and shikiyoku.

[1] Probably my wife was tired of me asking her the translation of the same term again and again, and suggested me to RTFM.

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