Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Workshops in August: Bayesian phylogenetics on UC Berkeley and Statistical Genetics course in Barcelona

From Evoldir (check the links for more info):

Eighth annual Statistical Genetics Short Course
  • When: Monday, 22 August - Friday, 26 August
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain. Hosted by Centre Nacional d'Analisi Genomica (CNAG)
  • more information here
Each day will include hands-on computer exercises using statistical genetics computer programs, especially the Mendel software package, with its new graphical front-end.

We will cover the general theory behind the methods as well as emphasize the practical aspects needed to give the best chances of success. The Course is designed to assist people who will be performing statistical analyses to discover the genetic basis of complex traits. The methods covered are appropriate to both human and non-human populations.
Mini-symposium on Bayesian inference of phylogeny
  • When: August 15 - 16 (talks), August 17 - 19 (workshop on RevBayes for interested developers)
  • Where: UC Berkeley campus
There will be a mini-symposium on Bayesian inference of phylogeny to be held on the UC Berkeley campus from August 15th to 19th. There will be two days of talks (August 15th and 16th) on various aspects of Bayesian inference as it applies to the phylogeny problem. The following three days will be a workshop for people interested in developing for the RevBayes program. RevBayes implements an R-like language for specifying complex evolutionary models and (attempts) to perform solid statistical estimation of a model's parameters.

Confirmed speakers include: Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley), Ian Holmes (UC Berkeley), Jeff Thorne (NCSU), Fredrik Ronquist (Swedish Natural History Museum), Jeet Sukumaran (KU), Sebastian Hoehna (Stockholm University), Tracy Heath (UC Berkeley), and John Huelsenbeck (UC Berkeley)

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