Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conference: NGS4MG -- Next Generation Sequencing for Marine Genomics Symposium

Carlos Canchaya and David Posada are organizing this NGS symposium -- which will be held in our building and will be free. The e-mail communication follows below. 
NGS4MG: Next Generation Sequencing for Marine Genomics Symposium
Vigo (Spain), 27 September 2012

The recent advances in sequencing technology have revolutionized genomic research and have represented a big enough shift from previous technologies to be widely termed “Next Generation Sequencing”, NGS. The main effect effect of these technologies has been the fast processing and analysis of large quantities of genomic data at ever more economical prices. Their effect has been been so profound that they are also changing fundamental investigative methods by moving research from the traditional hypothesis-based approach to one based on data. The aim of this symposium is to explain what NGS consists of, its advantages and shortcomings and its potential use in the marine environment.

Invited Speakers:

Genome Sequencing
  •   Monica Bayes (National Centre for Genomic Analysis – Spain)
Genome Assembly
  •   Jason Miller (J. Craig Venter Institute – USA)
Evolutionary Genomics
  •   Nori Satoh  (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology – Japan)
Genomics of Speciation
  •   Iria Fernandez (Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology – USA )
  •   Mehrdad Hajibabaei (Biodiversity Institute of Ontario – Canada)
Microbial Metagenomics
  •   Ramon Massana (Institute of Marine Sciences, CSIC- Spain)

The registration to this event is free.

You can find more information at :

The organization of this event is supported by Campus do Mar ( and MG4U consortium (

The Organizing Committee

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